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Common problems faced with a HVAC System

Your HVAC system provides comfort hence a day without it will make your home uninhabitable and difficult to adjust. The room temperature is adjusted according to your requirements and it keeps you comfortable both during the winter as well as during the summer. But these units are not going to work for ever and they will experience problems once in a while. Dealing with these problems on timely basis is important to keep your unit running efficiently for a long period of time. Some minor issues can be dealt by your own but major ones need the service of a professional. The common problems that arise with your HVAC system are as follows. Blown up fuses, a fuse protects the motor from the consequences of over heating. You can locate it near the evaporator coil. Check it and fix it if it is blown out. The first thing to look for if your HVAC system is not working properly is the fuse of the HVAC. If the fuse has not blown out then it will be due to some other reasons.

 Worn out contactors is another reason for the unit’s break down. Almost every unit will have three contactors that are located in the condenser fan motor, the second one in the blower motor and the third one in the compressor. These contactors connect electricity while heating and cooling. Problems may arise in these areas which are complex ones and need to be repaired by a professional. Another common issue with the unit is when the capacitor burns out. A capacitor is used to run the motor at a consistent speed. When it burns then the unit will stop functioning. The part need to be replaced to restore the unit’s functioning.