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Cleaning your air conditioner

Have you ever considered cleaning your central air conditioner? If not, then start thinking about it now. It is not a nerve wrecking job to back off from, things can be made simpler with proper research and know how. Cleaning the unit regularly is a smart thing to do as it can extend the life of your air conditioner. It will help your air conditioner to function efficiently as well. The outside condenser unit tends to get dirty easily hence keep checking the unit to ensure that it is free from all debris. When the unit is functioning the condenser sucks all debris that is in its way hence accumulating dust, leaves, grass and all other things that are light and loose. It is recommended to clean this part of the air conditioner at least once in a month. Now calling for professional help every month is going to cost you a lot of money so it is better to get the job done by yourself.

The fins of the condenser unit collects a lot of dust so what you have to do to clean them is spray the aluminum fins with mild soap solution and leave it to soak for around 5 minutes after five minutes, with the help of a garden hose wash the fins thoroughly until the water runs down clean. Once you have finished cleaning the condenser unit, clean the evaporator coil. You can locate the evaporator coil inside your home it is usually found above the main duct. To clean this part, remove the foil tape and the screws carefully. Once they are removed the evaporator coil will be visible. You can clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner. To clean it even better you can use mild soap solution and water. Water gets collected in the drip tray hence you need to clean the drip tray after cleaning the evaporator coil.