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Cleaning the vents of your HVAC system

After you have installed a HVAC system in your house it is important that you carry out regular maintenance of the unit. Cleaning the vent is important as it can help you keep your unit work efficiently. The regular maintenance can be done by yourself or by a professional. If you choose to do it by yourself then you can save a lot of money moreover it is the simplest task to do with ease. All you have to do is remove the dirt that has buildup around the vents with a cloth, a brush or a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning the vents the air flow will not be obstructed thus increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. The following steps can help you clean the vents like a professional. Switch of the power supply and then open the screws of the vents with the help of a screwdriver. Now remove the vent and wash it thoroughly with soap and water and then pat it dry before placing it back to its position. Rotary brush cleaning is a very good method for cleaning it. A face mask can protect you from the allergens entering your respiratory system.

The duct walls also need to be regularly cleaned which most often is ignored by us. Dust gets collected in this area hence needs regular cleaning. After cleaning fix the vents and then switch on the air conditioner so that the remaining dust and impurities will be cleared out, keep the doors and windows open for a few minutes. You can also clean the vents using a vacuum cleaner.