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Cleaning the ducts of your central air conditioner

If you have a central air conditioner at your house or office then you certainly will have ducts and pipes running through your ceiling or floor. It is necessary to ensure that these ducts are cleaned on a regular basis. It is a known fact that air condition duct cleaning makes your house and office healthy to live in. Apart from the health aspect if the ducts are not cleaned then it will increase the load of your air conditioning unit thus making it to over work. The consequences will be an increased electricity bill. Those who are sensitive to allergens will also suffer as the circulating air will be polluted hence making it uncomfortable to live.


The frequency of cleaning your ducts also depends on the area where your living and how much polluted the air is for instance if you are living in an area close to a factory then the ducts need to be cleaned more frequently than otherwise i.e. at least once in three years you will have to call for a complete duct cleaning service. In areas where there is no heavy pollution the ducts need to be cleaned only once in five years. If you want your air conditioner to work at its highest efficiency then you will have to get your ducts cleaned by a professional. The channels often after a certain period of time will be piled up with dirt and dust that keeps circulating inside if not cleaned. The area is overlooked as it is not visible and is hidden. To ensure a healthy living for the inhabitants it is necessary to get them cleaned on a regular basis.