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Cleaning the ducts of an air conditioner


Air conditioners have been of a lot of advantage to the human race. It has made people live comfortably even when the weather is too hot and unbearable outside. Considering the fact that our air conditioner keeps us comfortable all through the summer we should do justice by providing due care for the unit. The life and performance of an air conditioner mainly depends on the state of the ducts. If the ducts are not cleaned on a regular basis then there are high possibilities for poor performance and sudden breakdowns. So ensure to clean the gas ducts periodically to avoid such unforeseen malfunctioning instances. It is recommended to clean the gas vents at least once in three years. If you fail to do so then your unit will not function at its optimum efficiency more over will also shorten the life of your central air conditioning unit.

Hiring professionals to clean your ducts is essential to ensure that the pipes and the insulation are in good shape. If you want to clean it by yourself then read the manual carefully, be careful not to hamper any parts of the duct. You will also have to take the risk of being exposed to harmful substance while cleaning the ducts yourself. If you have pets in your house then the cleaning has to be done more frequently. Some cleaning agents are required to clean ducts that are oily, sticky and have furs, smoke and other stubborn impurities stuck on the walls of the ducts.