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Cleaning the air filter of a HVAC system

Most of the filters of a HVAC system are made of fibreglass and cardboard. Such filters are disposable and need to be replaced every three to six months. The frequency of replacement will increase if the operation is more and if the air is more polluted. It is air filter that filters the air by attracting all impurities. Continuous use of air conditioner for a while will clog them. Clogged air filters will reduce the efficiency of the unit so it is necessary to clean the filters at regular intervals. A disposable air filter is removed and disposed off. A new filter is then installed making your air conditioner ready for use. All the pollution in the air is prevented to enter your house with the help of these filters. There are reusable air filter which can be cleaned washed and used again. It is a more economical option. These filters are made of aluminium or steel hence can last longer. Such filters can be cleaned every month without having to spend that extra money to purchase a new one. The same filter can be washed dried and fitted back to the unit.

An electrostatic filter can attract more dirt and impurities from the air than a disposable filter. These filters are more sturdy hence can last for a lifetime. Keeping the air filter clean will ensure a safe and healthy breathing environment in your house. No matter what filter you are having make it a point to clean it at regular intervals.