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Check list for commercial HVAC maintenance

Most of the large businesses will have a full time staff to take care of a commercial HVAC system. To maintain and get the unit a regular check up is important to ensure a healthy environment within the building. Following the maintenance schedule will ensure that the air system and the ventilation works at its best. The filters and the belts are the two parts of the unit that need to be well maintained. The filter has to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals and the belt has to be changed if it is worn out. If such things are not taken care of then the work environment will get polluted affecting the health of your employees and clientele. A regular check on these parts will keep the environment clean and healthy. Coils tend to become dirty with time so it has to be checked and cleaned accumulated dirt and debris. Build ups in the coil can even damage the unit and lead to costly repair works.

If the unit fails to cool or heat to the set temperature then you need to get it checked and rectified. It is also important to check the wiring at the time of regular maintenance. Ask them to check the wiring if it is properly connected this will also avoid short circuits and other electrical faults that can be dangerous if ignored. Since the duct works run through a large area it is important to check it for proper insulation, mold, dust, rodents extra so as to ensure a safe and efficient air conditioning.