Certified High-Efficiency Boiler & Furnace Installation in Rockaway, NJ

Certified High-Efficiency Boiler & Furnace Installation in Rockaway, NJ

Air Temp offers heating installation and repair for residential and commercial properties in Rockaway, New Jersey. We recommend a high-efficiency furnace or boiler when you are ready for a new system. When you invest in a high-efficiency unit, you reap the benefits of a super energy-efficient, high-performance system that will keep you and your family war for many years so to come.

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What Makes High-Efficiency Boilers in Rockaway, New Jersey So Efficient?

The main difference between a high-efficiency boiler and a standard boiler is the purpose behind the design.

The average boiler has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 50%-70%. Even The highest quality standard furnaces top out at around 80%. What this means is that nearly half the fuel in the boiler evaporates into waste. So for every dollar you spend, 50 cents vanishes into thin air.

The core element that improves the efficiency of a boiler is condensing technology. Using this design, the boiler recovers gases in the flue that otherwise exit the house. Once the gases are recovered, the boiler condenses the hot water out of the gases and cycles it back into the system. This process results in hotter water converting into steam. The boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to produce sufficient heat.

The result is this: The boilers design gives it a 90% AFUE rating. So instead of losing 50% of the fuel, you only lose 10%. The 40% difference puts more money back into your pocket.

What Makes High-Efficiency Furnace in Rockaway, New Jersey So Efficient?

A furnace is also designed to work less while producing more. Just like the boiler, the job of a high-efficiency furnace is to extract more heat from the fuel while minimizing energy consumption. Since a furnace has more moving parts than a boiler, achieving a higher AFUE rating presents a greater challenge.

Therefore, the secret behind a super-efficient furnace is in each component. Key components include:

  • Electric ignition: Whereas a pilot stays on continuously, an electric ignition only turns on when the system turns on.
  • Two-stage heating: The lower stage turns on in moderate weather. The higher stage turns on during lower winter temperatures.
  • Variable-speed fan: The fan adjusts to a higher speed only when airflow is hindered. So if you don’t change your filter, the fan will operate a higher speed.
  • Second heat exchanger: This device performs the same function as a boiler condenser. The difference is that condenses heat out of the gases instead of water: The heat is re-circulated and distributed back into the house.
  • Sealed combustion: Instead of wasting energy drawing air from inside the house the furnace uses sealed combustion to draw the air from outside to conserve energy.

All the components work together to boost the unit’s efficiency. A high-efficiency furnace has a 90% or above AFUE rating.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Units for Rockaway, NJ Homes & Businesses

Whether you own a home or business in Rockaway, New Jersey, you may find that a Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Unit is right for you. Ductless Systems offer all the comfort dependability of central heating systems with added efficiency, convenience, savings. We offer mini-split ductless unit installation just in time for winter.

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If you are looking for a better way to heat your home without paying high energy and fuel bills, Air Temp can help you save money by installing a high-efficiency furnace or boiler. We offer complete heating services in Rockaway, NJ.

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