Central AC vs. Window AC Unit: What’s More Efficient in Rutherford, NJ 07070?

When the seasons change, it is vital that you have the appropriate heating or cooling system for your home. Air Temp provides complete central heating and cooling systems for homeowners in Rutherford, NJ. We offer standard HVAC systems as well as Mitsubishi ductless systems for your entire house. Below we compare whole-house AC systems to single window units, and explain why a central AC systems is a smarter choice.

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Difference Between Air Cooling Systems

AC and the acronym HVAC are often used interchangeably. HVAC is the acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, while AC simply means air conditioning. A central air conditioning unit is comprised of a condenser and a duct system. The condenser is commonly placed outside by the house or at the top of the house on the roof or in the attic. This component releases heat from your air conditioning system into the atmosphere. Coolant runs from the air handler to the condenser from an assembly of pipes. The air handler forces air through an intricate duct system that is strategically placed throughout your home to maintain a localized source of air.

A window unit is an individual air source that you can mount in an open window pane. The necessary parts, such as the condenser, compressor, and evaporator fit inside the box-shaped unit. A propeller fan blows the air out from the unit into the room. The condensed water drains out of the back side of the machine which faces outside. Often there are plastic curtains on the side of the unit. These curtains seal off any open space if the window opening is bigger than the unit.

Energy Usage and Air Cooling Systems

You can only make a rough estimate when it comes to how many watts a central air conditioner or window unit will use in your home. There is an energy efficiency measure called the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) that rates central units. However, individual window units don’t follow this rating system. The factors that affect watt usage depend on the size, age, and model of the unit, as well as different aspects of the space you are cooling. Here is a list of watts used by both types of systems:

  • Central AC –  3500 watts per system
  • Central AC (fan only, compressor off) – 750 watts
  • Larger Size Window Units – 1440 watts
  • Medium Size Window Units – 900 watts
  • Smaller Size Window Unit – 500 watts

It takes only one central air conditioning unit to cool an entire home, while a window unit generally cools only one room. Getting a model that is too small overworks the unit and consumes far too much energy, regardless of which route you choose. However, getting too large a model keeps it from running at peak performance. Oversized machines can cool the room too fast causing excess humidity and eventually leading to problems such as mold. It is best to contact a professional to get an estimate on the size unit(s) you need.

Humidity Control in Air Cooling Systems

In humid environments, central ACs outperform window units most of the time due to a couple of factors. One reason is that window produce condensation. This added moisture creates humidity in the room, and more moisture provides a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria in moist environments. The other reason is that they can be harder to seal. Unsealed areas cause heat and humid air to seep into your home.

Insulation Issues with Air Cooling Systems

Another issue you will have with window units that you won’t have with central AC is that of insulation. The unit doesn’t always fit precisely into the window area around it. Often, plastic “curtains” must be drawn from the sides of the machine to the jamb and sill of the windows. These plastic pieces are often not well insulated and don’t have the best seal. Often separate insulation needs to be purchased to keep from losing efficiency.

Convenience & Value in Air Cooling Systems

Convenience is a factor that resonates with most consumers. Programmable thermostats are extremely important to people who aren’t always home all day or want to be in control of the whole system. In this way, central ACs are optimally convenient while providing a consistent level of comfort. Again, to cool all the rooms in your home and not have many hot spots, you will need many window units.

With central air conditioning, you only need one localized unit to cool your entire home. There is no need for the extra insulation and sealing around multiple locations. Humidity is handled better with a centrally located AC. For these reasons, HVACs add value to your home. Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, getting the opinion of an expert could save you a lot of cash and peace of mind.

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