Central AC Maintenance in West Caldwell, NJ: Improving AC Efficiency

1. Retrofitting Air Conditioner Parts

Most AC specialists present you with two options for reducing or cutting your AC costs: AC maintenance or complete AC replacement. However, it is possible to retrofit certain areas of your AC system. The Department of Energy has found that you can save up to 35% annually in energy costs if you increase HVAC energy efficiency by adding or replacing parts.

Retrofits can delay an entire system replacement while saving money on repairs and energy consumption. You may be able to retrofit your AC, heater, heat pump, or ductwork without upgrading your entire HVAC setup.

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2. Purchase a Programmable AC Thermostat

New thermostats are now loaded with all types of programmable and automated features. By programming your thermostat, you can control when it turns on and off, at what temperature it kicks on, or what areas of the home you want it to cool (Zone controlled). You can also automate your thermostat to work with your security system or lighting.

3. Invest in a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

High-efficiency air conditioners such as ENERGY STAR products have a high SEER rating of up to 26. They cost more on the front end but can save you at least 505 to 60% in energy costs each month. ENERGY STAR products adhere to strict DOE and EPA guidelines. Therefore, you are likely to find a model that can save you money.

4. Schedule Regular AC Cleaning in West Caldwell, NJ

One of the most common reasons an air conditioner does not operate efficiently is because of limited circulation due to dirt and debris clogging up the system. Home and business owners that live close to a metropolitan area like New York City can count on dirtier air flowing through the interior. Therefore, a regular AC cleaning in West Caldwell, NJ is crucial to keep the system running efficiently.

5. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance in West Caldwell, NJ

Your air conditioner comes with a built-in manufacturer maintenance guide. If you adhere to the guide rigidly, you will notice that your AC system keeps your home safe and comfortable throughout the year. The system will require very few repairs. It may also outlast its expected lifespan.

6. Change Your AC Air Filters According to Your User Manual

Blocked air filters prohibit the free flow of air throughout your air conditioner. When a filter gets clogged, your equipment runs longer and uses more power. Filters trap dust before it can enter the system and damage parts. When the filter clogs, dust can collect on fan blades and other motor parts, slowing the unit down and wasting electricity.

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Dependable AC Maintenance in West Caldwell, NJ

If you are looking for AC maintenance in West Caldwell, NJ, then contact Air Temp. We offer comprehensive AC maintenance, repair, installation, and system replacement for both home and business owners.

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About West Caldwell, New Jersey

Caldwell Township flourished throughout the 1800s and was home to about 485 people. West Caldwell was the site of farming lands and the local sawmill. Franklin, on the other hand, was the principal business center of Caldwell Township and had an economy supported by farms, a store, two factories, a cider mill, and a distillery.

Over the past century, West Caldwell has come to be considered one of the most beautiful residential areas in Essex County. Our community today provides its residents with a range of businesses, annual events, and all types of activities.

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