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Different types of thermostats

There are basically five types of thermostat that you can install in your home or business to save on energy bills which are as follows, Electro-mechanical Thermostat, Digital Thermostat, Hybrid Thermostat, Occupancy Thermostat and Light Sensing Thermostat. Those homes or commercial establishment having a regular schedule can go for an electromechanical thermostat. This type of thermostat cannot be used to control the temperature of a heat pump. The option available in this type of thermostat is to set the number of hours the unit has to operate and control the temperature. It only performs the basic functions of a thermostat and doesn’t have many options. It is set manually. A digital thermostat is for those who want to set the perfect temperature until they are leaving the house and while coming back. The thermostat has to be set in the right manner or else it will not coincide with the schedule.

A hybrid thermostat has the features of both a digital and an electro-mechanical thermostat. It is much simpler to operate. Occupancy thermostat is the simplest thermostat and works just perfect for us. A single button will activate the preferred temperature level till a set time once the set time is over the temperature will go to its original setting. This type of thermostat is best suited for places which are rarely occupied. The light sensing thermostat is the most expensive and the most complicated thermostat. This type of thermostat works according to the lighting conditions of a space. Thermostat can save energy so installing it can help you reduce energy bill.

Advantages of installing a programmable thermostat

Rising fuel price is a serious concern that we are facing today. What is increasing your energy bills are your cooling and heating requirements. To bear the extreme climate so as to save money on energy is not possible. The most practical and the easiest way to save on your cooling and heating expenses are by installing a programmable thermostat. Once you setup a program in your programmable thermostat then it will take care of how to heat or cool the space efficiently and in the most economical manner without comprising your comfort zone. It can help to control the temperature by conserving energy. You can schedule your thermostat to switch off when you are leaving your home and then function a few minutes before you arrive. With a programmable thermostat even if you have forgotten to switch off the unit when stepping out you need not have to worry as the unit will be automatically shut down if it is programmed to do so. This can help lower your energy bill.

What is important is to properly configure it. It is a simple device that can be easily configured and installed. It can be installed in both homes as well as commercial buildings. There are basically five types of programmable thermostat which are as follows. Electro-mechanical thermostat, Digital thermostat, Hybrid thermostat, occupancy thermostat and light sensing thermostat. It is important to install the thermostat properly to get the maximum out of it and the settings are also important. Analyse your cooling and heating requirements and set the thermostat to give you the optimum cooling and heating solution at a reduced cost.

How to eliminate molds and mildews

Mold and mildews can lead to many harmful health consequences. Allergic reactions, running nose, dry cough, skin rashes etc happen because of the presence of mold which can spread like fire if not controlled and got ridden of in the beginning. To get rid of it you need to understand how they grow. Mold grows in humid climate it can be found inside as well as outside your house. It grows faster in damp regions. Pay attention to keep your house dry so as to prevent the growth of mold. The bacterial growth if not controlled can spread to larger areas and cause many health problems. It will also release a bad smell thus making your home unpleasant to live. By cooling your home during summer will help you get rid of the mold. There are humidity control air conditioners available in the market. If you are planning to install an air conditioner then ask for a humidity control air conditioner for a more comfortable and mold free environment.

Look areas in the bathroom, under kitchen sink, air conditioning vents etc for molds. Air conditioner can keep your place dry and mold free but molds may grow in the vents hence it is quite essential that you service your air conditioner before summer so as to ensure a mold free indoor environment. For a cleaner and safer environment it is important that you follow a routine cleaning process. The presence of mold is not at favourable to old people and children as they are the worst affected.

How to avoid an air conditioner repair

We depend so much on our air conditioner that we cannot even imagine a single day without the unit functioning. As long as it is working properly we never bother to take care of it but it is when the unit breaks down that we realize how vital it is in our life. We wish the unit to be repaired as soon as possible. Getting the unit repaired the very same day is not possible most of the time especially during busy seasons of summer. The outcome of your negligence will may land you up to spend days in the hot and humid climate without an air conditioner. Such air conditioner repair instances can be avoided by providing the unit with proper maintenance and routine air conditioning services. It is important that we ensure that our air conditioner never fails to keep us comfortable and the only way to achieve it is through routine professional maintenance services.

Though an air conditioner is a piece of machinery we are emotionally attached to it and can’t do without it even a single day. Sorting out with the repair services is a pain in the head so in order to avoid such experiences you need to service your air conditioner regularly. Simple preventive maintenance is all that is required to keep your air conditioner fit and running efficiently throughout the year. An HVAC professional will be able to identify problems at an initial stage and can hence repair the unit before it completely breaks down. Servicing also involves cleaning the unit on a whole which will make it function more efficiently.

Saving on heating expenses

Heating expenses can turn out to be a costly affair if not used carefully. Though heating is not cheap it can be reduced to a certain extend with proper management. Thinking of ways to cut down the heating expense is necessary to save your hard earned money from burning in the cold weather. An average of $2000 is spend every year for heating and if you do not control the heating efficiency of you HVAC system then it will only increase the cost and you will have to pay more out of your pocket. So do things that would increase the efficiency of the unit rather than repent on your heating expense. Proper insulation is a very powerful measure to curb the heating expenses. Insulating your house properly can also reduce your cooling expense during summer. Check your windows and doors and if they have gaps then make it air tight so as to prevent warm air from leaking out.

There may be areas where you don’t use the space very frequently heating such areas is not necessary, so seal the area. Make sure that while the heating system is on you don’t open and close the front and back doors as it will bring more cold air which increases the stress on your heating unit. Annual maintenance is another way by which you can help your HVAC unit to work more efficiently. It will also save you from costly repair charges. If you can control and manage your heating system to work without compromising its efficiency then you will notice that you will have a lower and consistent energy bill.

Insulating the ducts for higher heating efficiency

If your home is not properly insulated then it will increase your heating cost. Attics and basement are areas where air leaks are commonly found. Sealing and insulating the cooling ducts properly can avoid the leaks and make your heating system more efficient. If you are concerned about reducing your electricity bill then sealing the attic and basement will help you reduce your energy bill. These areas not only drain out warm air but will also let in cool air. A HVAC professional will help you fix the leak by providing proper insulation. Leaks can also happen through the ducts. If the ducts are not properly connected or are damaged the air passing through the duct will leak hence will take longer for the room to heat. Under such circumstance even if you set the thermostat at a very high temperature it will take longer for the room to heat up which would increase your utility bill.

The duct works that are sealed behind the walls or floor will be hard to repair while it is easy to repair those ducts that are exposed. Some of the leaks that are accessible to you can be easily repaired by yourself. Where ever you detect a leak in the ducts seal it using a sealant which is easily available in the market. All you have to do is apply it on the area where there is a leak and let it dry for a few hours. If the joints of the ducts are sealed properly, the air will not leak. For better insulation the duct has to be covered with an insulating jacket. Fiberglass insulation is what can seal the ducts tightly.

How to reduce your cooling cost

During summer months your electricity bill will increase if you are using an air conditioner. The soaring electricity bill will consume a considerable amount of your hard earned money. So finding out ways to reduce your energy bill is necessary to get relief from paying high energy bills. To save you need to plan right from the beginning. If you have a unit that is more than 15 years old then replace it with a new energy efficient cooling system. Once you have made the decision of purchasing a new air conditioner it is important that you purchase the right sized air conditioner. Getting the right sized air conditioner ensures lower electricity bill. If you have money to make the initial investment for attaining a solar powered air conditioner then it will not only cut down your electricity bill to half the current rate but also will help you contribute to a greener world.

Another significant way to keep your air conditioner work more efficiently is with regular maintenance. If the parts of the air condition does not have any problem and is functioning well then the unit will be able to cool the air more efficiently. A few changes in your home can also help you reduce cooling cost like hanging thick curtains to cover your window, insulating the widows and ventilation properly, reducing the number of furniture etc. If you have other electrical appliances working in the room then turn it off while your air conditioner is working because electrical appliances generate heat which would make the room warmer.

Why replace your old air conditioner with a new one


If you have an air conditioner that is more than ten years old then it is time that you replace the unit with a newer and more energy efficient model. Newer models can save you about 30% of your energy bill. Newer models are now qualified with energy stars. Higher the energy stars the higher will be the energy efficiency. Since air conditioner helps you beat the summer heat you will need it most of the time through out summer. Though air conditioners keep you comfortable your concerns arise when it is about energy bills. An old air conditioner will consume energy at a faster rate shooting your energy bill to high levels. If you have made the decision to replace your old air conditioner with a new one then you will be able to save a substantial amount of money from your energy bills.

Since 2010 all air conditioners manufactured in America comes with a chlorine-free refrigerant. Thus newer versions of air conditioners are environmental friendly. Making the right decision at the right time will help you save a lot of money. Though the initial cost of installing a new unit may cost a considerable amount the same amount can be recovered within a few years out of the money saved from energy bills. Moreover maintaining and repairing an old air conditioner will be a costly affair hence if your air conditioner is more than 10 or at the most 15 years old then the most ideal decision will be to replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Air conditioner repair and maintenance

 If you want to remain cool and comfortable all through this summer then it is important to provide simple maintenance and cleaning for your air conditioner. Air conditioner repair and maintenance is not something that is going to haunt you during the summer. If it is necessary then get it done quickly through professionals. Good professional services will ensure you a hassle free experience. Air conditioner grill and filter are the areas that get dirty very quickly, cleaning them can ensure a more economic cooling. If left unclean the dust and other impurities will block the ducts, thus lowering the efficiency of your air conditioner. This can be avoided by cleaning the filters and the grills periodically. Most common problems that persist with an air conditioner are as follows low cooling, water condensation, rattling sound, problem with the temperature control etc. If these are due to minor problems then it can be solved by reading the manual or else call for professional help.

Whatever repair or cleaning you are going to carry out on your air conditioner, do not forget to switch of the power supply. Cleaning the grills is easy but be careful while removing it as in some units the fan is attached to the grill. Also check whether there are connecting wires before forcing the grill out. If any wires are connected carefully detach them and remember the sequence in which they are attached to reconnect later. After cleaning the grill and the air filter replace them as it was and switch on the unit to check whether it is working properly. If you require detailed maintenance or major repair then call for professional help.

Improving the air quality of your house

Huge investments are made every summer to ward us from the scorching heat and humidity outside. Though we make every effort to stay comfortable at any cost during the summer have we ever thought about whether the air circulating inside our house is pure or not? Are we breathing clean and fresh air? We may not smell or see unusual things but the air inside can be dirty to such an extent that it will make you sick and you will still not sense the truth as there won’t be any visible evidence. Molds for example can make some people really sick. If you don’t get rid of it in the beginning then it will start spreading and will make it difficult and more expensive to clean at a later stage. People who are sensitive to molds need to take care of it. It is during hot and humid climate that these molds thrive hence check the sensitive areas like the areas around the air conditioner, window frames and other areas of your house.

Besides molds there are other pollutants that can cause serious impact on your health.  Keeping your home cool and dry can get rid of the molds. Tackling the other intruders like pollens, dust mites, insects are even more difficult. These allergens go unnoticed hence making the inhabitants sick. So don’t let them collect and breed inside your house. Cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly is a must to keep the pollutants at bay. Clean the condenser, the fan and the drain pipe. Call for professional help if you find it difficult to handle it yourself.