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The various aspects of a commercial HVAC system

For maintaining building safety a commercial business owner must ensure to provide a safe and comfortable environment. Whether it be a warehouse, shopping complex or any other office building it is important that the employees and the customers are provided a good environment. It will help to increase the productivity of the employees and also provide comfort to the customers. Hiring the right commercial HVAC contractor will assure you quality air that will help you increase your company’s productivity and with routine maintenance and services you will be guaranteed a safe and pleasant indoor air quality throughout the year. While purchasing a HVAC unit opt for a recognised brand and check whether the services are readily available. When choosing from commercial HVAC contractors enquire about their works with other companies who have hired them to find out the quality of their services. Since a commercial HVAC system will cost you a fortune it is important to install it through a reputable and reliable HVAC contractor. If you have no contacts then read the testimonies of their clients from the internet.

For a commercial unit the services has to be done quickly so a 24 hours service provider has to be chosen when choosing a HVAC contractor so find whether they will provide you round the clock services. It is important to strictly follow the maintenance schedule as one missed schedule will cost you a lot of money on repair charges. To keep your commercial heating and cooling unit running efficiently and without any unexpected breakdowns you need to maintain it regularly.

Check list for commercial HVAC maintenance

Most of the large businesses will have a full time staff to take care of a commercial HVAC system. To maintain and get the unit a regular check up is important to ensure a healthy environment within the building. Following the maintenance schedule will ensure that the air system and the ventilation works at its best. The filters and the belts are the two parts of the unit that need to be well maintained. The filter has to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals and the belt has to be changed if it is worn out. If such things are not taken care of then the work environment will get polluted affecting the health of your employees and clientele. A regular check on these parts will keep the environment clean and healthy. Coils tend to become dirty with time so it has to be checked and cleaned accumulated dirt and debris. Build ups in the coil can even damage the unit and lead to costly repair works.

If the unit fails to cool or heat to the set temperature then you need to get it checked and rectified. It is also important to check the wiring at the time of regular maintenance. Ask them to check the wiring if it is properly connected this will also avoid short circuits and other electrical faults that can be dangerous if ignored. Since the duct works run through a large area it is important to check it for proper insulation, mold, dust, rodents extra so as to ensure a safe and efficient air conditioning.

Benefits of programmable thermostat in a commercial building

To increase or decrease the temperature level in a commercial space requires huge amount of energy and what is most depressing is that you will have to pay for it every month. Setting the right temperature and controlling it throughout the working hours is crucial in a commercial building to reduce energy bills. Apart from lowering energy bills, a programmable thermostat has the ability to maintain a perfect temperature making the employees and the customers feel more comfortable. By ensuring a comfortable environment the production and sales of the business will also increase. Since temperature varies from time to time a programmable thermostat can help you make your HVAC system function according to the changing temperature. It can not only help you keep an optimum level of temperature throughout the building but can also help to reduce your energy bill to a great extend.

Earlier thermostats use to be bigger and had only limited functions. Now this temperature control gadget is smaller and slimmer, in other words less visible like it used to be. Moreover it has become digital and are more user friendly with its touch screen and buttons. A programmable thermostat can be set to make your HVAC unit function at different temperature settings at different time periods. For instance if you want to heat your commercial space more in the morning and less in the afternoon then the programmable thermostat can be set accordingly. So the advantage is you don’t have to frequently walk towards the thermostat to adjust it.

Once you are accustomed to setting the temperature levels you can save energy with preset programs that can help in functioning the unit at its optimum efficiency. Which means a programmable thermostat can help you conserve energy. Leaving the thermostat to function at a constant temperature will increase energy cost hence installing a programmable thermostat is going to benefit you in the long run by bringing down energy cost. It gives you perfect control on your HVAC system. While installing a programmable thermostat consult a HVAC specialist to determine whether it is compatible for both heating as well as cooling because there are some thermostats that works only when cooling and have problems when it is made to function for heating a commercial space.

Installing a programmable thermostat alone is not going to help you in reducing energy bill, you will also have to look into the insulation and maintenance schedules of your HVAC system. If conditioned air escapes from the building then it will put more stress on the unit thus decreasing its efficiency. There are large varieties of thermostats available in the market some of the notable brands are Honeywell, Carrier, and Trane.

Most of the building owners back off on considering the initial installation charges of a programmable thermostat but what they overlook is that it can be recovered within a few months with its efficient performances. Controlling a standard thermostat in a commercial building is beyond difficult, therefore making it ideal to install a programmable thermostat which can help you avoid frequent running towards the thermostat to control the temperature.

Environmental friendly commercial air conditioners

Commercial air conditioner has become an indispensable part of a commercial establishment. You can now find it in almost every public building, shopping malls and offices. Earlier these air conditioners where not designed to be environmental friendly hence emitted harmful gasses to the environment but now the units are designed in such a way that it doesn’t pollute the environment hence are safe. The manufacturers have now replaced harmful carbons with safer options. Thus these cooling units are safe for the environment and will not cause damage to the ozone layer. Refrigerant is a vital gas that is required for an air conditioner to function. The gas when released in the air can cause irreparable damages to the environment. Bearing the harmful effects in mind, manufacturers are now following certain safety measures by storing the gas in tight containers thus preventing it from leaking. They are also trying to recover and recycle the refrigerant so as to ensure that they are not released into the air.

Apart from taking care of handling refrigerant manufacturers are also coming up with energy efficient equipments so that optimum cooling can be achieved at a minimum cost and energy. Refrigerant are now being replaced with a safer gas called Freon. These highly efficient and environment friendly cooling units are of great benefit for the consumer since it helps them to save a lot of money from their energy bill. The US department has introduced a new rating system which can help the consumers decide which unit is more energy efficient.  

Dehumidifying and cooling a commercial space

Dehumidifying the air is one major feature of most of the modern day cooling system. The process involves pulling out excess moisture from the air and keeping it dry. If the air is dehumidified then it would make the environment more comfortable and healthy. In hot humid climatic conditions the building will absorb moisture making the environment inside the building moist and humid. If moisture in the air is not controlled then it will inhibit the growth of molds making the environment unhealthy to live. If the air is dehumidified then the air conditioner will take lesser time to cool the space thus reducing the operating cost. Leaks and seepage of water can lead to moisture build up which can be avoided through routine maintenance and repair.

Since a lot of people use a commercial space it is important that you keep the environment safe and healthy for them. A comfortable work environment will also increase the productivity of the employees. Sunshine is pleasant but it brings in a lot of heat and humidity making it quit uncomfortable. To beat the hot and humid climate it is necessary to install an air conditioner that dehumidifies and cools the air efficiently. Proper insulation will also prevent humidity from entering the house to certain extends. If there are any leaks then try to fix it to get rid of the moisture. If you find signs like a damp wall or roof then get it fixed as soon as possible to keep your commercial space dry and comfortable.

Tips on purchasing a commercial air conditioner

Installing a commercial air conditioner is a costly affair, especially if the requirement is for cooling a larger space. Air conditioning system suitable for cooling commercial space is available in different models and features. The number of water pads will be more in some models and less in some. The speed of cool air distribution also varies for each model. Another variation is found in the size of the tank. While purchasing a unit for your requirements it is important that you check the material that is used for manufacturing the unit. Since water will be in constant contact with the unit it is important to choose the ones that will not rust easily. You will also have to calculate the space or area required for cooling before setting out for purchasing the unit so as to help you choose the right capacity for your air conditioner. Apart from the space factor it is also important to consider the number of people who will be using the space. Usually a higher capacity unit is installed in commercial buildings because people and machineries heat up the room.

An evaporative cooling unit is what is suitable for cooling factories and large commercial space. Such units are cheaper to operate in large spaces. These units are found in car factories and other industrial units where a lot of heat is emitted. Do consult a HVAC specialist about your air conditioning requirements so that they can help you install the most ideal commercial air conditioner at your commercial space.

Keeping your commercial air conditioner in good shape

It is important that you check your commercial air conditioner periodically to ensure that it functions smoothly and efficiently. If your air conditioner is not working efficiently then you will have to face unexpected break downs which will affect the peaceful and comfortable environment that you have achieved in your business after spending a lot of money. Since it is an electronic unit it has to be maintained well to ensure proper and efficient functioning. In case you sense that the cooling has decreased then call a professional to check whether there is a problem with your air conditioner. If adjustments or replacements are required the technician will do the necessary things to get back your air conditioner to function properly. Since unexpected break downs could lead to a lot of inconvenience in a commercial space you need to carry out routine maintenance through experienced and reliable HVAC contractors.

Also make sure to get an air conditioner capable of fulfilling all your cooling requirements. Think of replacing an old air conditioner that is more than 15 years old as it will consume a lot of energy hence will cost you more. The frequency of maintenance schedules for your cooling system mainly depends on the size of the building and the usage. In hotels and restaurants the need for air conditioner is crucial hence the maintenance for such spaces should be more frequent. A day without an air conditioner means reduced profit hence problems need to be fixed as soon as possible.