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Care for your HVAC system

How many of us are really concerned about the performance of our heating and air-conditioning system? Not many will raise their hand. What about you? Have you forgotten when you had last serviced yours? To ensure free flow of conditioned air in the most energy efficient manner you need to go for an annual inspection of your HVAC system. It is also necessary to check the flue pipe by an expert technician and get it cleaned once in a while. The flue pipes expel carbon monoxide that can be hazardous so get it cleaned at least once in a year. There are other components like the air filters that you can easily clean or replace by referring to the manual thus saving some money on its maintenance charges. Air filters clean the air that is circulating within your house so it should be made dust free so as to get fresh and pure air. Usually the air filters are cleaned at least once in a month if they are used very frequently. According to the type of air filter you have in your unit you can either wash it if washable or replace it with a new one for disposable ones.

The duct works that are visible outside are easy to inspect. Check whether there is any loose duct tape sticking and if there is any area where the air is escaping. Also inspect grills and registers and check whether they are blocked by dust and dirt. The compressors are installed outside the house and are likely to get blocked by leaves and branches so check and clear them to make your unit function more efficiently.

For more inspection tips visit:  http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/heating-cooling/how-inspect-your-hvac-system-and-blow-away-future-problems/#ixzz2PHaN0xlx