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California’s future air cooling efficiency goals

The ill effects of Green House Gas emission are a serious concern that is threatening our environment. The California Council of Science and Technology have researched and found radical ways to reduce the emission of GHG levels. According to their research the effects can be reduced by adopting energy efficient technologies and products. Improvements in efficiency in buildings can bring in substantial decrease in GHG levels. They have also found out that the goal can be achieved mainly through four methods, installing lower capacity units like a smaller refrigerator and instead of installing a central cooling or heating system go for a one room heating or cooling unit. Opting or upgrading to higher efficiency products is another way to head you to the goal. Cutting down the use also can help and the fourth method is by system integration.

The analysis also provides assistance on achieving the states goal. Even though the California’s 80% reduction of GHG goal cannot be achieved in the near future due to economic constraints at least the guidelines can help the state to reach its goal at some point of time. May be a 40% savings can be achieved by the year of 2050. Higher use of Bio fuel and building electrification will reduce the demand for oil thus contributing to the reduction of the emission of GHG. However the study does not suggest ways in which the reduction of the emission can be measured. Well it is in fact going to be classified as another study known as California’s Energy Future Policy.