Boiler and Furnace Service in Madison NJ

Dependable Boiler and Furnace Service in Madison New Jersey

Since half of the energy used in your Madison, New Jersey home or business goes to heating during the winter months, making smart decisions about your home’s heating system can affect your utility bills. Air Temp recommends high-efficiency furnaces or boilers for both residential and commercial properties in Madison, New Jersey.

We offer complete installation of all type of furnaces or boilers. We can also provide dependable system repair and ongoing preventative maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly all season long. With a high-efficiency furnace or boiler in your building, you never have to worry about safety or comfort inside.

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Difference Between a Boiler and a Furnace in Madison, New Jersey

Although boilers and furnaces perform the same function, they operate in different ways. Knowing the difference between the two systems may help you decide which one is best for your home or business. Here’s the breakdown:


A boiler heats water. It converts the water into steam or hot water. The steam travels through located across the building and exits through radiators. Hot water boilers distribute water through a baseboard radiator or radiant floor system where a coil heats it. Boilers depend on natural gas, oil, or electricity to operate.

The key qualities in boilers include:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Consistent heat
  • Quiet when turned on
  • Little maintenance through the years
  • A clean-air solution
  • Furnaces

The furnace heats the air directly without the use of water. A blower distributes the heat through air ducts and vents scattered through the building. Furnaces operate on electricity, natural gas, propane or oil. Furnaces are standard in newer buildings because they are an affordable option for heating systems.

The key qualities in furnaces include:

  • Lower purchasing and installation costs
  • Reduced leak hazard
  • Eliminates freezing potential
  • Easy to install and maintain

Although both boilers and heaters have their benefits and features, the system decides may depend on where you live, the type of fuel source you can utilize, and the structure and floor plan of your home or business property.

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An Air Temp certified boiler or furnace technician can help you make the right decision to ensure that your building is safe and comfortable during the harsh Madison, New Jersey Winters.

What Does ‘High-Efficiency’ Mean in Heating Systems in Madison New Jersey?

All boiler and furnace manufacturers must design efficient heating systems according to industry standards. Not all systems, however, are categorically labeled ‘high-efficiency’. According to ENERGY STAR, a heating unit must have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of at least 90% to be considered high efficiency.

If your system is below a 90% AFUE rating, you are not maximizing your energy savings. A high-efficiency system can save you $400 to $700 annually in heating costs depending on the size of your home or business and your heating needs.

Do You Need a Boiler or Furnace Upgrade in Madison, New Jersey?

Whether you are moving into a new home or have lived in your home for a long time, you may want to consider making the switch to a brand new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace before winter arrives.

A modern heating system will both save you money and ensure that your building is safe and warm during the winter. An old system might break down on you, leaving you in the cold. Air Temp offers complete boiler and furnace upgrades. We can assess your needs, remove the old unit, and replace it with a new heating system.

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About the Borough of Madison, New Jersey

Madison, New Jersey is home to 16,000 residents. Our citizens are dedicated to civic activities and a wide range of citywide events that make this a unique place to live. Over 100 nonprofit agencies provide support to the community. Our city offers premier restaurants, retail stores, and other business that create a thriving economy and potential for business growth. You can also enjoy a library, train station, high-ranking schools system, and lots of beautiful parks.

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