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Air Temp service co. is a group of expert and certified HVAC technicians aiming at providing you with  quality and  affordable AC  repairs and installations, estimation and maintenance services, Central air installation and repair, furnace and boiler installation and heating and boiler repair solutions around new jersey. We currently offer solutions to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues at cheap and reasonable prices in Saddle Brook NJ. We live up to our customers’ expectations by building a reliable relationship with them and helping them in analyzing, detecting and  providing sustainable solutions to their demands, leaving them more satisfaction with our services. Click here {products} to check our services.

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Today, due to prolong heat season in New Jersey questions on air conditioning and central AC solution questions like; how can I get higher and more sustainable air conditioning performance? I want to minimize cost of energy, at the same time get a high efficient central AC experience? How can I make my central air conditioning machines works efficiently? Always bothers the mind of the people. These and many more are the various questions our customers in Saddle Brook NJ will be getting comprehensive answers to which will help them make wise decisions on issues like, air conditioning and central AC replacement, repairs, servicing and maintenance. At Air Temp, our certified HVAC technicians will educate you on the best air conditioning and central AC choice and give you useful tips on how you can minimize cost while running a highly efficient air conditioning system that will last a test of time.

Professional and affordable air conditioning solutions in Saddle Brook NJ

High demand of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in Saddle Brook NJ cannot be over emphasized as this has resulted in the springing up of various HVAC companies who do air conditioning repair, installation and replacements at a high rate and has made people fed-up of eventually paying for substandard services. Air Temp offers expert central AC and air conditioning solutions which means with us, you can be rest assured of eventually getting great value for your money as we offer additional valuable coupons and free follow-up routines for all the heating, ventilation and air conditioning  systems installed or repaired by us across Saddle Brook NJ. You can click here {testimonials.htm} for positive reviews from our loyal customers.

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In our endeavor to be as more reliable as possible we offer 24 hours fast response services for emergency issues on your air conditioning repair and maintenance any day. So you can be rest assured of a speedy response anytime you call for our services. We uphold our reputation by ensuring your emergency needs are met at the given time frame anywhere you are in Saddle Brook NJ.

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Enjoy our special offers that include; service priority, discount pricing, dependable services, less expensive repair costs and valuable coupon by making us your first HVAC solution choice today. It’s another way we build a very cordial and friendly relationship with our customers all over New Jersey by putting a smile on their faces through our generous offers. You can contact our service center in Saddle Brook NJ today by clicking the link below.


  • The township of Saddle Brook is located in the New Jersey county of Bergen, United States. The town holds a population of over 14,000 with average family income of over $90.000 per annum. Due to its over 200 days long season of sunshine and heat, Saddle Brook’s demand for air conditioning and other ventilation solutions is very high. Air Temp service co. is currently operating a vast growing and outstanding heat, ventilation and air conditioning services to suit the consistent demands of the people of Saddle Brook NJ.
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