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Air Temp service co. is a certified group of HVAC technicians who have been building absolute reputation for the company for over 20 years by providing reliable and affordable heat, ventilation and air conditioning services like; Air conditioning and central AC repairs and installations, estimation and maintenance services, furnace and boiler installation and heating and boiler repairs at affordable prices around New Jersey. Today, as a result of prolonged hot season in River Edge NJ every year, home owners and commercial businesses are usually desperate in search of the best and most reliable HVAC system solutions available and accessible, this has always led them to paying high amount of cash for substandard and unsubstantial air conditioning and central air conditioning service.  This is why at Air Temp, we offer the best high efficient cooling system installation and repair services to meet the vast growing demands and expectations of our customers. Click here for more information on our products and services.
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There is no doubt there is a high demand of heat, ventilation and air conditioning services in River Edge NJ, leaving homeowners and businesses with the quest to find answers to questions like; can I ever find a lasting solution to my air conditioning or central AC issues, It seems I pay a lot every year to replace them and it’s always the same every year?  How can I maintain my HVAC systems to make them last longer?  Air conditioning and Central AC systems are too expensive to operate, are there ways I can reduces my HVAC systems energy consumption rates?  All these and lot more are questions that ponder the mind of clients. The good news is Air Temp will not stop at providing you with high quality HVAC solution alone but we will also offer you tips on how you can best manage your systems so as to save you more energy cost and even have a longer life span. We will also educate you on the various things you are to take note of while installing, repairing and maintaining your air conditioning or central AC and even heat systems. These are unique additional services you cannot get elsewhere in River Edge NJ. Click here for more tips on how you can maintain a long lasting and highly efficient HVAC system.

Air Temp offers quick response 24hours any day any time.

Emergency breakdown of air conditioners or central ACs of homes and commercial buildings are inevitable and it may occur any time of the day. At Air Temp, our emergency response squad of expert technicians is here in River Edge NJ to fix any form of issues your heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems might be encountering any time of the day. You can contact our emergency service center in River Edge NJ today and enjoy the best and high efficient cooling system solutions.

Quality and affordable air conditioning and central AC solutions in River Edge NJ

As one of our effort to make life more comfortable for our clients in River Edge NJ, we clinically analyze, and provide you with various service measures that will not only give you an optimal quality air conditioning and central AC service of your expectations but will also be cost efficient thereby reducing the cost of installing, maintaining, operating and even repairing your air conditioners or central Air Conditioning system. This therefore makes our services more quality and worth requesting for as you end up paying much cheaper for sustainable and standard services. Click here to check our cost reducing services measures.

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We give out valuable coupons, free follow-up routines and lots more to our loyal customers in River Edge NJ. This is one of our ways to show our customers that our concern is not only to collect their cash but to give back to them as well. You can check our high efficient cooling system services and special offer by clicking on the link below;
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  • The borough of River Edge is situated in the New Jersey county of Bergen, United States. The borough’s populated with over 10,000 with median household income of over $70.000 per annum. Prolonged season of heat annually has made River Edge NJ one of the highest consumers of HVAC systems and services. Air Temp service co. is currently operating a vast growing HVAC service center to suit the consistent demands of the people of River Edge NJ
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