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In the field of delivering top-notch and efficient HVAC technological services, thus, enabling and increasing environmental comfort, Air Temp is the only choice there is.
In these past years, we have succeeded in providing incontestable professional HVAC services and we have done so at unbeatable prices.

There are a thousand and one reasons to choose and continue choosing our services including vast experience in the field with testimonies from all our clients, professional delivery with constant on-going research on how to better our already good services, 24-hour services, incredibly low prices and special offers, follow-up and customer feedback mechanism and countless other perks. We deliver lasting solutions to HVAC problems as a customer’s 100% satisfaction is our priority.

We take pride in rendering:

Paramus Air Conditioning services

With excellently trained personnel at your very doorstep, we provide full air conditioning optimization throughout the borough of Paramus which includes:

AC installation: This covers the full installation of split, central or window ACs for homes, schools, halls, work places and so on. Guaranteed at the end of this service are perfectly functioning and high efficiency air conditioners at the most effective and productive positions. It has been estimated that a large amount of hard-earned income is dedicated to energy costs so why don’t you make that pay worth it by choosing the best in the field.

AC maintenance and repairs: Our golden services don’t just stop at AC installation, Air Temp also covers full-time maintenance and repairs. Periodic/requested maintenance for air conditioners are made possible in just one click. Also covered under this gig is the flawless repair of damaged/faulty air conditioners which is covered by a warranty provided by the company.

Paramus Heating Services

Air temp is the company to call when you need to turn the heat way up anywhere in Paramus. Our services include:

Furnace and Boiler Installation: With precise and accurate calculations, highly efficient heating systems i.e. Furnaces or Boilers are installed so as to meet the uniqueness of your homes, halls or work places. Units are specifically chosen to meet your preferences, lifestyle, convenience and home design.

Maintenance and Repairs: Leaks here and there due to poor installation, damaged heating systems, overheating and under-heating are all hindrances to your comfort. Air Temp is the HVAC service company that can provide lasting solutions to your heating system problems. Maintenance and repairs are provided as early as requests are made and they are done at the lowest rates in Paramus.

Orders and Delivery

On our road to perfection, Air Temp ensures that requests are met with immediate service deliveries. No time is to be wasted in enabling your environmental comfort. We strive to ensure ease and convenience when you are purchasing our services; therefore, we have set aside a very simple one-click order mechanism with an impeccable customer care support to guide you through every step involved.

Our home, Paramus

Paramus, home to the 2011 Little League Champions, has its marks in the Bergen County, New Jersey. It was incorporated in the year 1922, on the 4th day of April. A recent population census estimated the total population to about 25,737.

The borough boasts of 4 golf courses and many times the number in terms of Parks and Recreational centers like the Van Saun Park, Bergen County Zoo (the county’s only zoo), Saddle River County Park and many more.

Annual events of the borough include Paramus Independence Day, Safe Halloween, Memorial Day Parade, National Night’s Out and many more.

Paramus is known for its rich economy, friendly people, multitude stores, beautiful landscape and fantastic recreational centers. You know the best place you can find yourself.

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