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This is the page of the best HVAC technological services producer in Hohokus. Outstanding, innovative and current as we are in our field, Air Temp has summed up the best ways to ensure your optimum environmental comfort. The challenges of AC installation, repairs and maintenance, and not leaving out heating services, are no difficulty to our company. Yes, you can have the right amount of warmth or cold within those walls.

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Our elite staff includes specially brewed personnel with a bulk load of experience in their field of expertise. In simpler terms, they are incapable of delivering anything short of the best. Smiling faces and very comfy homes, not only Hohokus but all over NJ are testimonies of all our completed projects.

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  • One click order placements.
  • Special offers and low prices.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Professional service execution.
  • Customer feedback and follow-up mechanisms.
  • Early delivery (may vary).

Because we are perfectionists, Air Temp takes pride in conducting research, and subjecting our staff to further training and innovations in the HVAC industry so as to remain on top of our community.

HVAC services we cover in Hohokus NJ:

Hohokus Air Conditioning services

Air Temp has elite squads that can reach every nook and cranny of the borough of Hohokus, making available full air conditioning optimization including:

AC installation:

Occupying a particular place (be it your home, school, work, an event hall including others in that category) and being productive during your stay there is dependent on your level of comfort i.e. the higher your level of comfort, the higher your level of productivity. Air Temp covers the full installation of split, central or window ACs within any walls, all over Hohokus. With effective planning and calculations prior to the time of installation, your air conditioners will be sited at the most productive and effective places.

AC maintenance and repairs: Our modus operandi also includes the maintenance of already installed Air Conditioning systems i.e. whether or not our company installed your AC, we can do a periodic/requested check of the whole system for leaks or damages (including those little tweaks that could result in major problems later on). Of course Air Temp can also be contacted for repair services. You would find our services quick, reliable, efficient and lasting!

Hohokus Heating Services

Too blue for you? Call Air Temp. Due to our versatility, we can not only turn down the heat, we can also turn it up. We are ready to go to any length to ensure your environmental comfort.

Furnace and Boiler Installation: The importance of furnaces, boilers, LPGs and other types of heating systems cannot be overemphasized. You are just one click away from heating up your personal space, swimming pools, water for bathing and other domestic processes, and also for industrial processes. Design and installation will be done in the best possible way to fit your very need.

Maintenance and Repairs: We can’t be the best HVAC Services Company if we only offer installation services to our client. An effective and productive heating system is a function of good and regular maintenance. Fuel pressure, steam pressure, boiler level alarms, and other parts of the heating systems will be checked and balanced to avoid issues in the future.

It doesn’t end there, Air Temp will also provide lasting solutions to damaged heating systems as early as requests are and this is done at the lowest rates in Hohokus.

Orders and Delivery

We ensure perfection in every step from when inquiries are made, when orders are placed, when we render our services, and when you are enjoying the results of those delivered services. Air Temp guarantees your optimum comfort in any space that you desire. We strive to ensure ease and convenience when you are purchasing our services; therefore, we have set aside a very simple one-click order mechanism with an impeccable customer care support to guide you through every step involved.

Our home, Hohokus

Home to an estimate of about 4,165 people, Hohokus, a borough in the Bergen County of New Jersey, United States, is the 13th wealthiest community in New Jersey. It was incorporated on the 12th of October, 1908.

Points of interests I the borough include The Hermitage, a site of Aaron Burr’s marriage and the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn, a historic landmark that is currently a restaurant. The New Jersey Monthly magazine, in 2011, named Hohokus the best place to live in all of New Jersey owing to its wealth, exceptionally low crime rates, efficient educational system and many commercial destinations.

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