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When it’s hot or cold outside, it’s important that you and your family feel secure knowing that your HVAC system is properly working. So when you need AC repair, or heating and boiler repair contact Air Temp. We provide comprehensive HVAC service for both residential and commercial properties in New Milford, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking for central air installation and repair or furnace and boiler installations, we can provide you with everything you need to get the job done. We are a seasoned and New Jersey licensed HVAC provider. When you want your AC installation or repair done right the first time, contact Air Temp.

Why You Need a New HVAC System for your New Milford, New Jersey Home

Modern AC systems are designed to run more efficiently than their older counterparts. In fact, the average heating or cooling will save you 30-50% on your energy bill annually. So if you have outdated AC equipment that is in constant need of repair or fails to heat or cool your home as it should, now is the time to have a new system installed in your home. High efficiency cooling systems, will keep your home cool in the summertime. At the same rate, high efficiency heating systems will keep your home warm during the bitter cold season. New Units will give you better climate control but in a more efficient manner.

Milford, New Jersey Preventative Maintenance Service

Once your new system is in place, it is recommended that you have it inspected at least once a year. Proper inspection and maintenance will ensure that your heater or air conditioner is working properly through every season. Preventative maintenance may include:

  • Changing the filter
  • Inspecting the ventilation system for signs of damage
  • All components are cleaned including the ignition assembly, blower, motors, and pressure switches.
  • Thermostat is calibrated with the system
  • The system is tested for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Coolant levels are checked
  • All drain lines cleared for proper drainage
  • All pumps are checked

Service Specials

Clean Air Solutions for Your New Milford, New Jersey Home Interior

Indoor air pollution can cause asthma and other breathing problems as well as allergies. It can reduce the overall all comfort and air quality in any room in the house. Our air cleaning systems can kill up to 99.9% of the bacteria and molds floating through the air. Air Temp humidifiers can also reduce dry air and make your room environment more comfortable by adding just the right amount of humidity. It’s a practical addition to your home during the winter when air can be at its driest.

If you are looking for Professional heating and air conditioning services in New Milford, New Jersey 07045 or the surrounding North Central New Jersey, contact Air Temp today at 1.800.969.1232. We’re here when you need us!

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New Milford is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. The last census taken put the population at 16,341. Like many other boroughs and townships in the area, New Milford was once part of the Palisades Township. The city is known for its natural, recreational areas, historical homes, and other buildings, and for its beautiful geographical landscapes.

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What type of duct to install for your Central Air system?

Central air-conditioning is something people love to install but hates to pay when it is concerned about the electricity bill. The scorching heat of the summer instigates us to install the unit regardless of its running cost. Well if you have not yet installed a cooling unit or is planning to replace an existing one then the most important aspect to consider is the ducts that you will require to allow the distribution of air flow evenly through your house. Though there are many options to choose from flux duct and hard duct are the popular choice. Flux duct is a more cost effective option hence is less expensive than hard duct. Hard duct or pipes are metal pipes and are hence more difficult to install. Since flex pipes are more flexible they can be easily installed. The positive feature of flex pipe being more flexible makes it possible to be installed anywhere easily and faster, even in tight spaces.

Hard ducts are more durable than flex pipes as they last longer and won’t break easily. Moreover air leaks are more common with flex pipes hence reducing the efficiency of the unit as compared to hard pipe ducting. Though hard duct is harder and more expensive to install in the long run it pays off as it will last longer and will provide you with more efficiency. In fact hard duct can last for a lifetime without the need for any maintenance or replacement. Likewise hard duct is always smooth in the interiors thus providing an even flow for the air.

Hiring a HVAC company to inspect your unit

Every fall and spring, do not forget to inspect your HVAC system by a professional HVAC company. As soon as you hire them they will come to check your unit and do the necessary maintenance thus providing you a hassle free unit running at its best efficiency without breakdown all through the year. They carry out various precautionary measures by inspecting and cleaning the unit on their visit. Following a few simple maintenance techniques can help you prolong the life of the system and increase its efficiency. Apart from professional maintenance it is also important that you check your system regularly by yourself to ensure higher efficiency.

The air filters are the most important part of the unit to check regularly and replace if necessary. It may vary according to the usage; if you have pets then you will have to change the filters more frequently. If the filters appears black and clogged up then it means you have to change it immediately. Clear all the debris accumulating near the outdoor unit. Leaves and dust can block the air passages and reduce the efficiency of the unit, hence it is necessary that you clean the surrounding areas of the outdoor unit. Refrigerants are another challenging aspect that needs to be checked regularly. If the slightest leak or damage is deducted on the insulation of the refrigerant then get it replaced or repaired immediately. Refrigerant pollute the environment hence a regular check is necessary to ensure that they are intact which in turn will help you to contribute to a greener environment.

Strategies to consider while replacing a commercial cooling system

Considering replacing your old and worn out HVAC system which has crossed the average life expectancy period of 10 to 15 years is not going to turn out to be a financial burden. In fact it will only help you save much more money than otherwise and that too by cutting down the energy cost. The concept applies more to commercial buildings than residential ones. Calling an engineer or a company specialized in the field will help you in analyzing the most accurate and actual demand for heating and cooling a commercial space. Latest cooling technologies have made the whole concept of HVAC dearer and consumer friendly. Hence installing new units in a commercial space can help you reduce the wastage of energy thus saving you a lot of money.

If you have made your decision to replace your cooling system then following a few strategies can bring in not only monetary benefits but also increased efficiency within your building. A few strategies that can benefit you are as follows. Choose to invest in the most energy efficient unit that you can afford. It is obvious that a higher efficiency unit functions using lesser energy eventually bringing in monetary savings by cutting down energy bills. Don’t forget to calculate the energy load all over again as it may have varied over the years due to renovation or change in the requirements. You can also ask the technician to insulate the windows and seal the ducts so as to avoid leakages. Automation can also help in savings from the electricity bills. Adding automation a commercial space air flow can be controlled through out the building according to occupancies and other concerned factors.

Common Problems Requiring Professional Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial and residential property owners rely on central air conditioning to control indoor temperature, especially during the summer months. This is especially important in regions where temperatures during the summer soar above the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark. These complex systems experience a variety of common problems that require the attention of air conditioning repair specialists.

A unit that fails to turn on or off when it should may have a faulty thermostat sensor. Professional technicians frequently run into this problem when making service calls. Sometimes the sensor is still functional but is not in the proper position. When this is the case, a technician can bend the wire attaching the sensor to the unit to adjust its position.

Systems that fail to cool the environment even when they run constantly may have a refrigerant leak. A unit does not consume refrigerant so if the level is low, either it is leaking or it was not properly charged during installation. Adding more refrigerant will not help unless the leak is repaired by a trained AC repair technician. Fixing the leak will increase the unit’s efficiency and eliminate any risk to the environment caused by the refrigerant.

Failing to clean the coils and change filters regularly can cause some failures. Various components have to work harder than they are designed to and the unit will not be able to perform at full capacity. In the worst cases, the fan or compressor may burn out due to the stress on the system.

In addition to replacing filters and cleaning coils, property owners should check the condensate drain for debris. Proper drainage will increase the system’s efficiency. This type of preventive maintenance prolongs the life of the entire system and can save property owners thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and premature replacement of various components.

What type of air conditioner do you have


If you are living in regions where the climate is hot and unbearable during the summer then the only option left for you to remain cool and comfortable inside your home is to install a central air conditioner. There are different types of air conditioners and the installation of these units varies from just plugging the unit to its socket to a more sophisticated and complicated process, like installing ducts. Simple plug-in type units does not require a professional as it can be installed and put to function by yourself by plugging it into the socket while the other types of air conditioners whose installation are difficult and requires the help of professionals are central ac’s

You can find many types of AC’s when looking for it for purchasing, such as portable ones which can be installed by just plugging in. While such air conditioners have limited cooling capacity a central cooling system has more advanced and larger cooling capacity. Central cooling units are useful for cooling the entire house. It requires duct works hence the installation costs are very high. Though the installation cost for the unit is very high it has got a phenomenal cooling capacity that can make you feel comfortable in every nook and corner of your house. Since its installation is complicated it is recommended that you call for professional help or else you will loose energy efficiency as well as a lot of your hard earned money. Routine maintenance is also very essential for uninterrupted and efficient cooling.

Significance of efficient windows in HVAC

Proper insulation is essential for enhancing your home’s energy performance. So to prevent heat loss while heating your house and heat gains while cooling your house don’t forget to pay attention while installing your window and do make sure to insulate all your windows properly. Another most attractive feature of an efficient window is that it helps in installing a much smaller HVAC unit. In short, you can achieve a lot of monetary benefits out of installing efficient windows. The efficiency of a window cannot be implemented in the same manner in different homes hence differs according to the location of the home and the positioning of the windows of the house. We all know that different climatic conditions require different energy performance features hence the same type of windows and insulation will work differently under different locations.


There is a tool called the Efficient Window Collaborative window selection tool that can help you in determining the right type of window for your house based on your home’s location and orientation. With the help of this tool you can even find out an estimated amount of annual energy cost according to your heating and cooling requirements and based on the type of window. Such tools are very beneficial when trying to cut down the cost of energy for heating and cooling, the cost of which forms the major part of the bill. The tool had few flaws earlier and has recently been updated making it more reliable and accurate. So with the help of this tool you can now even compute the saving estimates that can be attained on installing a particular type of window.

Know more about your heating system

 Furnaces and heaters are often used for heating a living space. Most heating system work using gas or oil as fuel though there are electric powered heating unit the gas and oil ones are more popular. Heating of a room takes place on the principle – hot air moves from warm place to a cooler place. So the furnace blows hot air so as to eventually heat the room. As soon as you on your furnace it starts consuming energy so as to produce hot air. The hot air is channeled through ducts and pipes which is then passed through the room through registers and radiators. Earlier furnaces heated water to produce hot air. The hot water is then passed through pipes that pass through the floors, walls and ceilings. Such units are not preferred these days. 

The modern heating systems are not only energy efficient but are also good for the environment as they help in reducing pollution. The most safest and environmental friendly heating option is the solar heating system. The installation cost of a solar unit is higher as compared to an electric unit. A heat pump is different from an ordinary heating unit and is more beneficial in areas where the climatic conditions are moderate. The device can be used to pump in heat for heating your room as well as pump out heat to cool your room. To keep your heat pumps functioning well you need to get it maintained annually by a professional moreover the air filters have to be replaced whenever it gets dirty.

How your heating and cooling system functions

Almost all homes now have a heating and a cooling system and we are least bothered on the details of how these units work and take it for granted. All that we want from our heating and cooling system is to make the temperature within the house comfortable for us. When something goes wrong with the unit our natural instinct will be to call for professional help. We won’t even check once to confirm whether the damage is small and can be repaired by us. This is because we have no idea how the whole system works. Hence it is very important that we know at least the basics of heating and cooling systems.


All climate control appliances comprises basically of three components. 1) Warm or cool air source. 2) Component that helps in distributing the cold or warm air. 3) Component that can help to regulate the flow. If you are facing a malfunctioning problem with your HVAC unit then the problem will be with any one of these components. A furnace will force heat to the air so that your home will be heated and an air conditioner pulls out hot air to make your home cooler. We know that all climate control appliances require fuel to operate. Air conditioners are run using electricity and a heating unit functions by burning electricity, gas, oil or other fuels. When your unit stops functioning check these three components and if it is a minor problem like clogs or a blown fuse then you can fix it yourself.

How to prevent your HVAC system from breakdowns?


If you purchase a car and forget to service it then at some point of time you will face a breakdown in the middle of your journey. Just like your car your HVAC system also requires routine maintenance and servicing and if not done at regular intervals you will have to face the consequence of sudden breakdowns sometimes even in the middle of the night and under such circumstance you will be helpless and will have to bear the extreme climate with no other options left. If proper maintenance is not provided for your unit then its performance will be affected. For your homes system to run effectively you need to follow a few maintenance tips as well as do all necessary cooling and heating repair through professionals.


An annual inspection by professional HVAC experts can help you avoid sudden breakdowns. Their service schedules usually include thorough cleaning of the ducts and other parts of the system and detailed examination of the unit for wear and tear. Since the system is very complicated inspecting and repairing it yourself can hamper the unit so it is better to call for professional help rather than trying to fix it yourself. Moreover professionals can also detect what parts need to be replaced. Prolonging the replacement of a damaged HVAC part can cause further damages which can be prevented by prompt replacement. No HVAC system will survive for long without proper maintenance so make sure to clean the ducts and filters regularly and get the damaged parts replaced without any delay.