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Significance of energy stars on a HVAC system

Those HVAC units that are more than ten years old are not energy efficient hence have to be replaced with a new one. Consuming a lot of energy will not only make it expensive for you but is also not good for the environment. The government is now trying to make citizens understand the significance of using energy star rated appliances and EERE or Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The energy star is rated by evaluating the appliance’s energy consumption rate. The energy star rating is developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. The appliances that are energy star rated does not differ in functioning but uses lesser energy than the appliances that have no star rating. A Yellow star will be on the unit which indicates how much less energy the unit will use while functioning, the more the number of stars the lesser energy it will consume.

Also look for the SEER ratings, a higher number indicates higher energy efficiency. Now all HVAC units come with a minimum SEER rating of 13 it can go up to 17. Though a HVAC unit with a higher SEER rating will cost you more it will pay off in the long run from the savings that you will be able to make from the energy bills. Apart from HVAC units many other appliances like water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator etc. also come with energy stars and SEER ratings. The government is even providing subsidies for replacing old energy consuming HVAC units with new energy efficient HVAC units.

Check list for commercial HVAC maintenance

Most of the large businesses will have a full time staff to take care of a commercial HVAC system. To maintain and get the unit a regular check up is important to ensure a healthy environment within the building. Following the maintenance schedule will ensure that the air system and the ventilation works at its best. The filters and the belts are the two parts of the unit that need to be well maintained. The filter has to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals and the belt has to be changed if it is worn out. If such things are not taken care of then the work environment will get polluted affecting the health of your employees and clientele. A regular check on these parts will keep the environment clean and healthy. Coils tend to become dirty with time so it has to be checked and cleaned accumulated dirt and debris. Build ups in the coil can even damage the unit and lead to costly repair works.

If the unit fails to cool or heat to the set temperature then you need to get it checked and rectified. It is also important to check the wiring at the time of regular maintenance. Ask them to check the wiring if it is properly connected this will also avoid short circuits and other electrical faults that can be dangerous if ignored. Since the duct works run through a large area it is important to check it for proper insulation, mold, dust, rodents extra so as to ensure a safe and efficient air conditioning.

Troubleshooting HVAC problems

While investing in a HVAC system we would wish it to last for a lifetime and will expect it to work smoothly throughout its lifetime without any repair works. But the truth is that it is like any other appliances and will require repair and maintenance works at some point of time. Troubleshooting a problem with your HVAC system can save you from larger repair works. Whenever you come across unusual behaviour of your HVAC system it is necessary to report the same and register a complaint so that a professional HVAC specialist would be able to deal with the problem and stop it from elevating. The two main components of a central air conditioner are evaporator and condenser. These components are connected to the unit’s forced air distribution system.

Some of the common problems that people face with a central air conditioner are as follows. The unit refusing to turn on, in such a case turn on the circuit breaker or check the fuse to see if it is blown out. Check the compressor if it is switched off, if it is in the off mode then switch it on and try to function the unit once more. Hearing strange noises from the compressor means that the fan blade is not clean or some foreign particle is obstructing its functioning. Another area to check is the evaporator coil there is possibility for the evaporator coil to build up frost. If it is so then the unit has to be switched off and repaired by professional as soon as possible. Leakage of refrigerant is another common problem which can affect the functioning of the unit.

The many benefits of installing a programmable thermostat

We all want our home to be temperature controlled and comfortable but we rarely think of how much energy is consumed in the process. The energy prices are going up high and it is important that we think of ways to curb these expenses. Though we have energy efficient HVAC unit installed properly and have got all the insulation and other aspects done right there is one other most effective way to bring down your energy bill and that is by installing a programmable thermostat. Once you install it you can save a considerable amount of money. Setting temperature manually is outdated these days, with programmable thermostat you won’t have to do it each time. Set a program to control the temperature once and it will take care of the temperature control until you would like to terminate it.

With a programmable thermostat you can set different temperature at different times throughout the day. While cooling or heating during the night we may not need the same temperature after we sleep and with a programmable thermostat you can set the temperature after you sleep in such a way that it will help you bring down the energy bill and when you are heating you can program your thermostat at a lower level during midnight, while cooling you can program it at a higher level to save energy. You can also set to heat the room at a higher level in the morning to make you get out of the bed. Installation of a programmable thermostat is not complicated hence can be easily installed.

HVAC installation facts

Heating and cooling your home is now crucial in order to make your home cosy and comfortable. At some point of time you will have to deal with the installation of the unit and not knowing the basics will not help you get the installation done in the proper manner. You may need an installation on two occasions one is when you want to upgrade to a new unit and the other is when you have to install it in your new home. To decide upon whether to replace your HVAC unit or repair it is not easy as it may sound to you. Consult a HVAC specialist to find out the cost of repairing and if it is on a higher side and the unit is more than 15 years old then replacing the unit with a new one would be the best option.

There are a few things that you have to bear in mind to get the unit installed in the right manner. With proper installation you can save a lot of money on the running cost. The units that are now available are more efficient than the earliest ones and to get the maximum efficiency you need to get it installed properly. Apart from its installation you also have to get the right sized HVAC unit as it is one factor that largely determines the efficiency of the unit. A size that is too small or too big will consume more energy. While choosing a HVAC installation service you have to be careful to choose a company that has a good reputation.

HVAC energy optimisation

HVAC energy consumption constitute a major part of your electricity bill so by reducing the energy consumption of your HVAC system you can cut down the energy bill and contribute to a greener environment. To go green you need to consider the purchase of a new HVAC system that is more energy efficient and have more energy stars. If you have a HVAC system that is more than 10 years old then the first thing to do is to replace it with a new one which is more energy efficient. If you genuinely are concerned about the environment then spend the extra amount to get the most energy efficient unit. To purchase a 5 star rated unit may cost you a lot of money but it is worth the purchase as you are going to benefit from a reduced energy bill as well as contribute to a greener earth.

Energy star is the rating given by Environmental Protection Agency according to an appliances energy consumption rate. All energy certified unit are energy efficient and will consume lesser energy. Purchase is only one of the ways to reduce your energy bill. It doesn’t mean that once you have purchased the most energy efficient unit things are at ease. Energy efficiency also depends on the way the unit is installed so it is necessary to get the installation done by a professional. Proper installation is crucial for optimum efficiency. Regular maintenance is also essential to maintain the efficiency of the unit.

How to get rid of mold

Mold is a serious concern that can even lead to the damage of the structure of a building. Apart from this impact it can also cause serious health issues hence it is necessary to test for mold to curb it and make the space mold free and healthy. Fungal growth may not be visible in the beginning it may grow and multiply in areas which are not visible but you can find it out by its smell and moisture. If there is any damp area in your house then get it checked for mold and fix the leak to ensure a mold free environment. The most favourable area for mold growth is inside the ducts and drains of a HVAC unit. These are areas which are completely out of your sight and needs to be checked by a professional once in a while, schedule for routine maintenance to prevent such issues.

HVAC drain is one other area where the mold grows and multiplies like fire if ignored for some time. If it is not cleaned at least once a year then you will have to deal with the consequence of mold infestation. Molds that form inside the ducts and drains of a HVAC unit will circulate inside the whole building causing respirator problems especial for kids and old people. Those who are allergic will remain sick most of the time under such contaminated environment. So to safe guard the health of your family you need to get rid of mold growing inside your house. Get rid of dampness and repair all leaks so that things around you remain dry and mold free.

Difference between commercial and residential HVAC system

The two major types of HVAC systems are the residential ones and the commercial ones. Residential HVAC system as the name suggests are installed in homes and small businesses whereas commercial HVAC units are installed in larger spaces like office buildings, shopping malls and other large buildings. Both the units function to heat and cool a given space. What varies is the amount of power used, capacity, manufacture etc. There are companies that deal with both commercial as well as residential HVAC system while there are also companies that specialize in just one type. The main difference between a commercial and residential unit is its size. A commercial unit is much larger than residential unit moreover commercial ones are more complex. They have a more complicated thermostat. The amount of power consumed also differs in a commercial unit and due its larger size it will consume more energy.

The location where both the units are installed also differs. A residential unit is usually installed in the backyard while commercial units are placed on the roof of the building. There are a number of aspects to consider while installing a commercial unit like the number of rooms, how many people will be using the space, the type of business etc are a few of them. Since residential HVAC units are less complex some of its maintenance works can be done by the owner while commercial HVAC maintenance need to be done only by professionals. A commercial HVAC unit requires multiple drainage pipes and panels unlike a residential unit that requires only a single pan.

Check list for maintaining the optimum efficiency of a HVAC system

Owning a house might be the best thing in your life but carrying out regular maintenance is something that weighs in your pocket. One important aspect to look for is the maintenance for your HVAC system. In order make home comfortable from the harsh climate outside what is essential is a flawlessly working HVAC unit. Maintaining a healthy air quality is also crucial for a healthy life. Proper air filtration and ventilation is what determines the quality of the air circulating inside your house. A well maintained HVAC unit will not only improve the quality of your life but will also help you save energy. The things that has to be in your check list for maintaining a highly performing HVAC system includes regular maintenance, seasonal check up, checking the vents and air flow, cleaning the ducts and getting the repair works done without any delay.

If a HVAC unit is provided regular maintenance then it will be put to work at its peak efficiency. Apart from the regular maintenance it is also important to get a seasonal check up which means checking the unit before summer and winter seasons. It is during these seasons that the unit will be put to work the most hence it requires an inspection one month prior to those months. Venting and air flow analysis is required when you detect that the cooling or heating has decreased. It is as a result of air leaks and need to be repaired as a lot of energy will be wasted otherwise. You need to also get the air ducts cleaned once in a while to remove clogs and other impurities.

Benefits of installing a ductless mini split air conditioning unit

Bearing the heat is something we cannot imagine and it is not a good thing. If you find it hard to centrally air condition your house due financial constraints then a mini split air conditioner will be a good option as they are affordable and also can provide you with a comfortable living space. Since a mini split unit does not require any duct work it is easier to install and is budget friendly. Such units consume lesser energy hence you will not have to pay huge amount on energy bill especially if you have installed a 4 or 5 star rated unit. Moreover you can control the areas where you want to cool hence there is no unwanted cooling of any room. Since it is a ductless unit it can cool only a smaller area. If you want to control the temperature of your entire house then a ductless unit will be a better choice.

A split unit has two main components the inside unit and outside unit. The compressor is assembled in the outside unit hence making it quite while operating from inside. The inside unit is connected to the outside unit with a copper tubing that runs from the inside unit through a small hole made on the interior wall where it is installed. Usually it is made to function to cool the room where it is installed. The air filters of a ductless units are stronger and can do better air filtration by removing dust and other allergens from the air more effectively.