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America to be sanctioned $2 million fund for attaining energy efficiency

I have recently read this news about President Obama going to propose $200 million to fund for energy efficiency in the United States. The proposed fund is mainly for state government to follow policies that can help reduce energy consumption. To be more precise the fund will be utilized for upgrading utility rules and building codes so that energy efficiency measures will be embraced more willingly by the nation. Those states that use lesser energy will be rewarded thus motivating the whole nation to eventually start using lesser energy making US an energy efficient country in the near future. Even though America tops the list for the least energy efficient country such proposals will motivate the people of America to be more energy efficient and we can hope that our country will soon turn out to be the most energy efficient country within a few years.

Obama has also addressed the nation to cut the energy wastage to half of what it is now within the next 20 years. This goal can help in reducing the green house gas emissions that is produced from coal and natural gas burning procedures for producing electricity. Educating people on how to conserve energy and giving them tips to install energy efficient air conditioning system and heating units with proper insulation can bring about significant changes in the consumption of energy. The state government should now act towards achieving the goals set forth by the president so that the nation can reduce the wastage of electricity to half thus growing up to become an energy efficient state. To read more of the news, refer to the following link: http://www.hydrocarbonprocessing.com/Article/3156257/Latest-News/Obama-to-propose-200mn-in-energy-efficiency-funding-for-US-stat