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America is wasting a lot of energy!

What is America’s latest concern it is nothing else but on energy wastage. Even if we are proud to be the world’s most developed and powerful nation, it is quite shocking to learn the truth that America ranks number 1 position in wasting energy among the developed countries. America is even behind China with respect to energy savings. The energy leaders of America are working hard to achieve energy saving goals. The Alliance to save energy has even called for a plan ‘Energy 2030’ aiming to educate and invest in achieving twice of America’s energy productivity by the year 2030. Improving nation’s energy efficiency is now a primary goal of America. So let’s hope for our nation to achieve its goal of reducing energy wastages from heating systems and other energy consuming appliances to half its current rate in the near future. There are many consequences rising out of the nations low energy productivity. It is currently costing the US business firms around $130 billion extra a year. If not to top the chart for highest energy productivity at least we can hope to rise to a better position than our current one.

The 2030 plan will definitely try to help spread the message of the importance of saving energy and increasing the current rate of energy productivity. States like Massachusetts should set an example as it ranks first for an energy efficient economy and the consumers within the state are benefiting a lot from the states energy productivity achievements. Similar goals have to be achieved in all the states of America only then the nation can be proud for their achievements in energy productivity.