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All about portable air conditioners

If you have a limited budget or if it is difficult to install a traditional air conditioner then a portable air conditioner will be a good choice. As the word implies a portable air conditioner can be moved from room to room and it does not have to be installed permanently. To make it work properly it has to be vented through a window.  It comes with a venting kit and an exhaust hose that has to be vented out with the help of the venting kit. If you have no provision for venting through the window then you can vent it through a hole in the wall. Water drainage is another component of the unit. The water that is removed from the air in the process of cooling is used to cool the unit and the excess water can be collected in a bucket which needs to be emptied on a regular basis. There are some units that use the self evaporating technology in which the excess water evaporates and passes as hot air through the exhaust hose. Some of the air conditioners will have drain hose which can be used to drain water outside through a drain pump or drainage.

Like all regular air conditioners this unit has a filter which needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Some of the models also have an inbuilt air purifier. Depending on your usage the filter need to be cleaned on a monthly or at lesser or more frequency. The washable filter can be removed by sliding it out after opening the case. After sliding it out if it is a washable filter then immerse in warm water and wash it with a mild detergent. Rinse it well and dry it out completely before placing it back.