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Care for your Air conditioner during winter

Since there would be no use of your air conditioner during the winter season, the unit will sit idle most of the time and is paid very little attention. We often forget even the presence of the unit in our house hence is completely ignored which is not the right thing to do. Since it is an electronic unit it is essential that you run it for a few minutes at least twice a month. The unit which we have used all summer is not switched on during the winter as a result it may start deteriorating and will not function properly during the summer. During winter season if the outdoor unit is let open without any protection it will be covered with snow and ice which can cause damage to the unit. To extend the life of your cooling unit it is necessary to protect the outdoor unit from the snow and ice. Provide a covering on top of the outdoor unit so that snow won’t directly fall on top of it.

If your air conditioner has not been functioning for a while then before testing it switch off the power supply and clean the outside drain with a hose pipe. Remove the leaves and debris collected near the outdoor unit. After you have cleaned it let it dry completely before switching on the unit, its better to on it the next day. After checking the unit cover the outdoor unit with an overhead plastic sheet if it doesn’t have one as you won’t be using it for a while and the cover can protect the unit from dust, snow and other debris. A small canopy to cover the outdoor unit will be a good idea.