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Advantages of installing a portable air conditioner

Though portable air conditioners are not popular amongst home owners mainly because most of them either go for split or central air conditioner it is a good cooling option to consider. Though these air conditioners are not used as a primary cooling option they are used as a secondary cooling unit in order to cool those areas where cooling is not accessible with primary cooling units. This unit is smaller in size and it’s installation is less complicated and easier than other cooling units. A portable unit with wheels makes it easy to move from one room to another. In fact these units have zero installation cost as you can install it yourself. Moreover the maintenance cost of the unit is much lower than any other cooling system. You can carry it to your kitchen, living room or anywhere else and switch it on. A small vent hole is all that is needed for it to exhaust the hot air circulating inside.

The portable units that are now available are manufactured to function quietly. While purchasing a portable air conditioner calculate the right capacity so that the unit will be capable of cooling the room to the desired temperature and comfort. An oversized unit will not function efficiently and will also decrease the units durability. Consult a professional so as to get the right size. Portable air conditioners that are now available in the market come with energy stars. To reduce your energy bill it is important that you consider choosing a unit with higher energy star rating.