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Advantages and disadvantages of a window air conditioner

Window air conditioners were once the most common type of air conditioner. Ever since split air conditioners have been introduced in the market and especially since the price of a split unit has decreased, people are now switching from window air conditioners to split air conditioners. Window air conditioners are priced lower than other types of air conditioners making it an affordable option. It is now rarely installed in commercial buildings as the installation of the unit requires an exterior wall or window right behind the unit. All the components of the unit are assembled in a single unit hence a window unit does not have a separate indoor and outdoor unit. One major disadvantage of a window unit is that it makes more noise than a split system.

An eco friendly feature of a window air conditioner is that it uses lesser amount of Freon gas. Modern units have more features like ventilation and energy efficiency. Moreover a window air conditioner can last longer and does not require much maintenance as they seldom breakdown. They are also compact in size since all the components are packed in a single unit unlike a split unit that has an indoor as well as an outdoor unit. If the room is large then a window air conditioner will not capable of cooling the entire space evenly. Since they are installed in a window day light will be obstructed. An energy efficient window unit is priced higher making its price almost equal to a split unit.