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Advantage of pleated furnace air filter

We all know that regular maintenance for our furnace is crucial so as to prevent it from breaking down during winter. Changing or cleaning the air filter is part of the regular maintenance program. If the filters are not cleaned then the dust built up will hinder the functioning of various parts of the unit. Spending a few bucks on changing the filter will save you a lot of money on high repair charges you will have to bear on replacing or repairing various parts of the unit. While changing the filter you should know what all filters are available in the market and which one is the best choice for your furnace. A popular filter option is the pleated furnace filter. This filter as the name suggests is made in a peculiar way by folding the material into pleats. Again these pleated filters are available in various depths, ranging from 1 to 6 inches deep. A depth size of one or two inch is what is general used for residential furnaces.

A pleated filter has got many advantages over normal filters. It has more surface area hence are more durable.  There are pleated air filter that comes with a wire mesh inclined to one side to make it stronger. You can also find pleated filter with higher efficiency. Another model in pleated filter is the electrostatic model which can filter more allergens and dust particles. If anyone in your family is allergic then this type of filter is recommended or else you can go for a cheaper version.