AC Repair in Pequannock: What You Need to Know About The R22 Refrigerant Phase-Out

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have imposed a mandate to phase out air conditioning refrigerants such as R22 in older AC models. Otherwise known as freon, R22 refrigerant was the standard for HVAC cooling for several decades.

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Due to DEO and EPA regulations, manufacturers can no longer legally make R22 or import the product to the United States. The new law will go into effect at the end of 2019. Air Temp, an innovator in the HVAC industry will provide advanced products for home and business owners who need to schedule an AC replacement in Pequannock, NJ due to the new regulations.

Let’s take a closer look at how the regulations will impact you.

What Has Caused the R22 Refrigerant Phase-Out?

Scientists discovered that R22 refrigerant was depleting the ozone layer back in the 1970s. Upon the discovery, the Montreal Protocol was called an and international treaty triggered the phase-out of R22 and similar AC refrigerants.

Since the 1970s, the EPA has been slowly regulating and mandating the restricted use of R22 for both residential and commercial use. The regulations will end in December 2019 with a complete phase-out of both the manufacturing and distribution of R22 into the U.S.

How Will the Phase Out Affect Your AC Repairs in Pequannock, NJ?

The simple answer is this: Your AC repair or AC replacement costs will skyrocket. Any repair that requires replacing R22 will increase dramatically. In fact, you may discover that repairing your AC or changing the way it utilizes new refrigerant is too expensive and not worth the investment.

You could also pay stiff penalties and fines if the EPA discovers that you are using an older model without updating the system to new refrigerant or equipment that uses new refrigerant. This is especially true if you are a business owner that has an AC in Pequannock, NJ. If you have to change parts or refrigerant, it could affect your business operations.

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Do You Need an AC Replacement in Pequannock, NJ?


We may be able to retrofit your commercial system to use new types of EPA-approved refrigerant. If not, you may need to plan for a complete AC replacement in Pequannock, NJ. Since you still have several months to comply with the regulations, we recommend scheduling an AC inspection for your home or business.

We can assess your system to determine the most cost-effective solution for your air conditioner.

Avoid Fake or Counterfeit Refrigerant

As the demand for R22 refrigerant increases and supply diminishes, AC companies may try to offer you fake or counterfeit refrigerant. We recommend that you avoid any offers for fake refrigerant. The EPA has reported that this type of refrigerant contains toxic contaminants and has caused explosions and fires in AC systems.

By using this type of refrigerant, you put your business, your employees, and your customers at risk. Before hiring an AC technician, make sure they are certified and provide safe, legal products for your air conditioner.

AC Repair in Pequannock, NJ for Your Home or Business

If you are a business owner and you need AC Repair in Pequannock, NJ, then contact Air Temp. We offer a wide range of services including AC repairs, upgrades, and full system replacement for both residential and commercial properties.

To schedule AC service, call us at 800.969.1232. You can also send a message on our contact page.

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