AC Maintenance in Midland Park: How to Lower Your AC Costs

You may have noticed that your energy bill in New Jersey has gone up yet again over the last year due to the rate increases. As energy costs continue to climb, you may be looking for solutions to reduce your bill.

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At Air Temp, we understand the importance of cutting energy costs. After all, we have to pay our bills as well. Below are some practical ways that you lower your AC costs while still maintaining a comfortable environment inside your home.

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AC Maintenance: The #1 Way to Cut AC Costs

The best way to keep your home energy costs low is to keep your AC performance high. To ensure that your air conditioner is always in excellent condition, you need to schedule regular AC maintenance according to your manufacturer user manual.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your system is operating in an efficient manner while using less energy. Using less energy translates into lower heating and cooling bills each month. Maintenance will also keep costly repairs at a minimum each year.

Purchase a High-Efficiency Central Air System

If your old system is not running as it should, you could be wasting money every year keeping your house cool. A solution may be to replace your old AC system with a brand new high-efficiency central air system

A high-efficiency system gives you maximum control over the temperature of your home. It consumes less energy and provides higher air quality. You can adjust the cooling output with more precision and keep your home exactly how you want it throughout the summer winter or summer seasons.

High-efficiency central air systems use 50% less energy than conventional HVAC systems.

Change Your AC Air Filter

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to keep your AC system running efficiently is to change the air filter in your home regularly. A fresh air filter allows the air to circulate throughout the house more freely.

Stronger air circulation helps the temperature of your home to remain constant without fluctuations. Your air conditioner will also work less and require less energy to produce the same level of comfort.

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Get a Ductless Mini-Split Cooling System

One of the best ways to save money and keep the air clean in your home is to purchase a ductless mini-split AC. Instead of turning on a central air unit that is expected to heat or cool an entire house, ductless systems are placed in certain zones in your house to pinpoint temperature control in specified areas. This allows you to save energy in areas of your home where no one is dwelling.

Mini split systems are easy to install, use 50%+ less energy than a standard AC system, and can help you cool any targeted area much faster than an HVAC.

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