AC Installation in Towaco, NJ: What Affects the Cost of AC Installation?

Are you getting ready to undertake an AC installation in Towaco, NJ? Before you start our project, you need to set your budget and get an idea of how much you can expect to spend. There are several factors that may determine the bottom-line dollar figure.

Below, we look at some items that will affect the cost of your AC installation. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Air Temp. We are here to help ensure that your AC installation is successful.

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1. The Type of Air Conditioning System You Install

When you shop around for an air conditioning system, you may quickly discover that you have several options. Some of the more popular AC products include:

  • Mini-split ductless systems
  • Standard central air systems
  • High-efficiency air conditioners
  • Furnaces (heating)
  • Boilers (heating)
  • heat pumps

The type and manufacturer brand of AC system you install will have a significant impact on the cost of your AC installation in Towaco, NJ. If you are unsure what type of air conditioner is right for you, an Air Temp technician can go over your options, assess your home, and then help you make the right decision.

2. Air Conditioner Size and Cooling Capacity

When we refer to AC size, we’re not always referring to the physical size of the AC unit. The size of an AC refers to its capacity to cool your home. Naturally, an AC with a higher capacity will cost more. However, your main concern is to get the right AC size for your particular home or business.

An undersized unit will operate far more than is necessary and cause your energy bill to skyrocket, while never cooling your home. An oversized unit will turn on and off too often. This leads to wear and tear on the unit. Plus, it’s not necessary to install an oversized unit.

The lesson: Don’t allow the price of a unit to govern what size to put in your home.

3. The Air Conditioner SEER Rating

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures the the energy efficiency of an air conditioner in a given season. The higher the SEER rating of a system, the more expensive it is. However, what you spend in purchasing and installation costs for a high-efficiency air conditioner, you will save in operational costs in the long run.

SEER ratings range from 13 (low efficiency) to 28 or more (super high efficiency).

4. Additional Heating Replacement

As you replace your air conditioner, you may or may not need to replace your heater. If your heater is outdated or incompatible with your AC, you may want to replace. An Air Temp technician can look at your system to determine whether you need a heater or the one you have is suitable.

5. Air Conditioner Add-Ons

Today’s air conditioners offer all types of features to enhance your cooling experience. While add-ons provide more convenience and control over the system – as well as greater efficiency – they also come with an added expense.

The question is whether the expense will save you more money in the long run. Some of the best investments for add-ons are smart or automated thermostats and zoned air conditioning. They give you greater control over your cooling and help you reduce AC usage.

Reliable AC Installation in Towaco, NJ

If you need an AC upgrade or complete AC replacement in Towaco, NJ, then contact Air Temp. Our New Jersey-certified AC experts can help you find the right system for your home while providing cost-saving solutions to help you along the way.

To schedule AC service, call us at 800.969.1232. You can also send a message on our contact page.

About Towaco, New Jersey

The name, Towaco, reflects the Native American history in the area, which identified the locale as TaWagh, meaning “hill”, a reference to the terrain of Towaco. Towaco is home to Baumer of America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of machines and plants for the foam industry.

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