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A typical HVAC check up

For a smooth and efficiently running HVAC system you need to carry out some basic check up routine. No one will want to experience the chilling cold of winter. Your HVAC system is your lifesaver during the winter months. The initial two years after its installation you may be able to experience a flawless heating experience but as the system ages it starts to show signs of wear and tear which when ignored will lead to unexpected break downs. To ensure that your heating system is working in crisp condition you need to get it serviced annually ideally two to three months before winter. A typical check up includes inspecting the thermostat, cleaning the air filter and other dust prone components of the unit. It will also include energy efficiency inspection.

The energy connection lines also need to be checked. If it is a gas or oil powered unit then check for leaks. If it is an electric powered unit then check whether the fuse is intact. You also have to check all the electrical connections. If any connection is seen loose it need to be tightened. Also check the voltage that is coming out of the motor. These electrical aspects have to be checked and essential repair works done to ensure a longer life for the unit. Lubricating moving parts will prevent the unit from rusting. It also ensures smooth functioning.  If the unit is not lubricate it will create more friction which leads to heating the unit and consuming more energy. By lubricating the unit you can safely and efficiently run the unit.