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A few mistakes to avoid while installing an air conditioning unit

Once you are set to purchase an air conditioner you ought to do a lot of research before selecting the most apt unit for cooling your residence. A lot of people make mistakes right from the beginning and will have to bear the burden of paying higher energy bills as long as they are using the same unit for cooling their home. Hence before installing a cooling unit at your residence, work out the actual load required and then select the unit accordingly. A cooling unit’s capacity should neither be too big nor too small. Many people hold the misunderstanding that installing a bigger capacity unit will cool the space faster hence settles with a higher capacity unit which will soon turn out to be a huge blunder. There are also people who purchase smaller units to save a few bucks, which is again a great mistake. By the time you would realize your mistake it will be too late to rectify so act wise and stick to a unit that is of optimum capacity. Consulting a HVAC specialist can help you choose a right sized air conditioner for your home.

Also avoid installing your air conditioner in a place where direct sunlight reaches as it will make the unit to slower the process of cooling. The most apt position will be in a shady area where it is lesser hot. Southwest side of the house would be perfect for installing the outdoor unit. Also make sure that the outdoor unit is not blocked by plants and other debris as it will lower the cooling efficiency of the unit.