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8 Reasons why banks back off from lending to home cooling efficiency projects

Even if people are willing to invest in energy efficient products they are lacking a sound financial support. We can understand the fact that our economy is slowing down but when it comes to energy efficiency the concerns are much deeper. Banks are in fact willing to lend money for setting up energy saving projects and they are receiving a lot of enquiries from their customers. The excitement and the prospects that the banks and the lenders have visualized dies when they start evaluating the risks involved. Even though most of the companies pledge that there will be guaranteed energy savings from investing in energy efficient products like efficient heating and cooling system the customers are expected to pay of their debts out of the savings they make out of their energy bills.

If something goes wrong in the interim and if the unit does not work as efficiently as expected then it will be hard for the bank to get back the amount they have lend out thus on default the bank will have to bear the losses. It is futile for the bank to go to homes or buildings where the energy efficient products and methods are installed and rip it off. Energy saving warranty insurance can help reduce such risks and motivate banks to provide financial support for energy saving projects. Again larger companies can provide the insurance as they are financial sound and can hence afford it but the problem is with the smaller companies who won’t be able to afford such insurances.