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6 High Velocity HVAC system

Conventional air conditioners are the most preferred ones in households. It helps in pulling out hot air and blowing in cool air. If you do not know how an air conditioner works then the following post can update your knowledge http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Benefits-of-High-Velocity-HVAC-Systems&id=7673675. A conventional unit is not an optimal choice as it consumes more energy. So it is better to opt for a high velocity HVAC system which is more efficient than a conventional model.

The air is cooled within a room faster with this type of unit hence the energy consumption is reduced by about 30 % as compared to a regular HVAC system. A velocity unit force cooled air through the connected ducts at a greater speed hence the forced air helps to evenly cool the connected rooms at a faster rate. Apart from its feature of cooling rooms faster they come with lots of benefits. Duct work installation costs are much cheaper as the ducts used for this type of unit is more flexible and requires very little space. This unit is superior to conventional HVAC units when considering its improved humidity control features. The unit can pull out excess humidity in the air to make your home more comfortable to live moreover hot and cold spots are removed from the room, cooling and heating the room evenly, faster and more efficiently. However the unit is priced higher than the conventional models and many people also complain that the high velocity model makes more noise while functioning. If you want a complete replacement of your air-conditioning system including the duct works then the high velocity HVAC unit will be a good choice.