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Why cleaning the filter and the vents of your air conditioner is crucial

You consider your HVAC system to be a long term investment because the amount you invest is quite high hence even the slightest malfunctioning may bother you a lot and put you in distress. Most of the HVAC companies will recommend maintenance plans which home owners ignore. In order to increase the life span of your system it is important to ensure proper and regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit. Maintenance of your system includes changing filters regularly, cleaning the grills and vents, ensuring that the return and the supply registers are clean, clearing all debris that have been accumulated near the outside condenser unit etc. Changing the filter regularly is the easiest maintenance work that can be done on your own. A blocked and clogged filter will decrease the unit’s efficiency. Most of the homeowners overlook the cleaning task thus making the air conditioner to work more and less efficient. You have to check the filter of your air conditioning system regularly and change it if required. Filters are available in almost every hardware store. Changing it regularly will ensure a better indoor air quality.

At times even a small irregularity in air conditioning unit can make your summer hot like hell so it is important to ensure regular maintenance for the unit. The air vents of the unit may accumulate dust and debris. You need to dust them so that it remains clean and will also prevent dust from entering the duct. Such dusts will even disturb the balance of the blower leading the unit to function with more noise.