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Ways to prevent mold growth inside your air conditioner

Moisture inside your air conditioner will promote mold growth. Most of the air conditioners attract mold because of the moisture. Mold spores growing inside the air conditioner is not good for the health of the inhabitants as the air gets contaminated and will make the people who are inhaling such contaminated air sick. If you ignore such mold growth it will spread like wild fire and contaminate the whole area. Those air conditioners that are designed and installed properly can prevent such mold growths. Maintaining the air conditioner regularly can also prevent the growth of mold. Those units that are not installed properly and are not maintained regularly will be breeding ground for mold.

Cleaning the air conditioner regularly can prevent such mold growth. Check the condensation pan and ensure that it does not overflow. Too much water in the pan will promote mold growth. Drain out the excess water from the pan to keep it clean and free from molds. Hire a professional maintenance service so that they will take care of the cleaning part. Whenever you detect the system leaking at any place get it fixed as soon as possible because the water will encourage mold to breed and multiply. Dampness around the base of the air handler is due to a block in the condensation pipe if it is not fixed immediately then mold will grow and multiply. Check the exterior walls near the outside unit as well as inside unit and if any dampness and mold is found clean it with a hard brush.