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Troubleshooting HVAC problems

While investing in a HVAC system we would wish it to last for a lifetime and will expect it to work smoothly throughout its lifetime without any repair works. But the truth is that it is like any other appliances and will require repair and maintenance works at some point of time. Troubleshooting a problem with your HVAC system can save you from larger repair works. Whenever you come across unusual behaviour of your HVAC system it is necessary to report the same and register a complaint so that a professional HVAC specialist would be able to deal with the problem and stop it from elevating. The two main components of a central air conditioner are evaporator and condenser. These components are connected to the unit’s forced air distribution system.

Some of the common problems that people face with a central air conditioner are as follows. The unit refusing to turn on, in such a case turn on the circuit breaker or check the fuse to see if it is blown out. Check the compressor if it is switched off, if it is in the off mode then switch it on and try to function the unit once more. Hearing strange noises from the compressor means that the fan blade is not clean or some foreign particle is obstructing its functioning. Another area to check is the evaporator coil there is possibility for the evaporator coil to build up frost. If it is so then the unit has to be switched off and repaired by professional as soon as possible. Leakage of refrigerant is another common problem which can affect the functioning of the unit.