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Maintenance for your air conditioner will keep you cool all through the summer

When we hear summer the first thing that comes into our mind is air conditioner. We want to rum our air conditioner as efficiently as possible so as to reduce the hefty cooling expenses. A preventive maintenance check is hence necessary to ensure that the unit would work efficiently without unexpected breakdowns. So you it is necessary to schedule an inspection by licensed contractor before summer hits so as to prevent any potential breakdowns in the future. Such checks should be done every year preferably one month before summer. The inspection will include any possible repair works as well as Freon leaks. It is also recommended to change the air filter prior to summer. If it is a reusable one then clean and refit it.

If you have a central air conditioner it is important to check the ducts and get it cleaned if dirty. Get the outside as well as inside unit checked. Don’t be reluctant to call for professional help thinking it will cost you a lot of money. On spending for maintenance you are making the air conditioner more efficient and it will also increase the unit’s durability. The amount can be retrieved within a few months from the savings that you would be able to make from the energy bills. It is important that you clean all the possible components of an air conditioner like the filter, condenser coil, evaporator coil, vents etc. These are areas that can collect grime and dust. Such areas have to be cleaned for smooth functioning of the unit and should be part of the maintenance program.